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The month of June showed promise for Australian bullion coins, as figures from Perth Mint showed a surge in gold demand.

The figures also indicated a growth in gold sales, which reached its highest level as of March. Things are also looking bright for silver sales as the April figures show that they moved the quickest.

Last month, gold coins and gold bars sales at the Perth Mint showed 31,019 ounces advance. This rivaled the 21,671 ounces in May sales as it grew by about 43.1%. For this year’s first six months, gold sales were currently amounting to 168,650 ounces. These numbers were considerably large numbers, just like last year’s sales. The first six months in 2014 had a total of 240,991 ounces.

Silver coins in Perth Mint are telling their own story as well, as in June sales jumped to 384,586. It was 13.9% higher than the previous month’s number, which was 337,511. The first half of this year’s sales reached 2,810,994 ounces. For June 2014, the ounces sold for silver coins was 586,358 and for the first half of last year’s silver sales was 3,428,336 ounces.

For a detailed list of last year’s gold and silver sales performance from January to June this year, here’s the Perth Mint’s numbers measured in troy ounces. This is set starting from June 2014.

● June 2014: Silver – 586,358; Gold – 39,405

● July 2014: Silver – 577,988; Gold – 25,103

● August 2014: Silver – 818,856; Gold – 36,369

● September 2014: Silver – 756,839; Gold – 68,781

● October 2014: Silver – 655,881; Gold – 55,350

● November 2014: Silver – 851,836; Gold – 49,904

● December 2014: Silver – 477,731; Gold – 40,211

● January 2015: Silver – 585,953; Gold – 23,174

● February 2015: Silver – 392,114; Gold – 31,981

● March 2015: Silver – 638,557; Gold – 34,260

● April 2015: Silver – 472,273; Gold – 26,545

● May 2015: Silver – 337,511; Gold – 21,671

● June 2015: Silver – 384,586; Gold – 31,019

While Australia is showing those numbers in gold and silver sales, let’s now take a quick peek at the United States’ Mint bullion sales.

The United Sates gold and silver sales soared higher in June. It has a whopping number of 76,000 compared to the month of May sales. The American Gold Eagles leaped to 253.5% higher than the May sales and jumped 56.7% higher than the sales in June 2014. Their flagship American Silver Eagles also soared at an amazing 4,840,000 ounces in June that showed a significant rise of 139.2% from the past month as well.

In general, both countries are performing excellently in their gold and silver sales!

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