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ADA and FDA Deem Amalgams Safe for Dental Procedures

Although tooth decay is easily preventable, it currently is the most common chronic disease of children aged 5 to 17 years old. This is four times greater than the prevalence of asthma. The treatment for this tooth decay has been around for hundreds of years and is known as an amalgam. The word amalgam means mixture or blend. Amalgams are an alloy that consists of silver mixed with mercury and variable amounts of other metals and are used as a dental filling.

Amalgam restorations have been used in the mouth of millions, and it is likely that many more millions of people will continue to receive this as a treatment for tooth decay. However, there are some health advocacy groups, such as the Consumers for Dental Choice, who claim these fillings are dangerous related to the levels of mercury that are released with the procedure.

Amalgams have been used without any evidence of major health problems and newly developed techniques have proven that only minute levels of mercury are released from these restorations. With silver and mercury fillings, no health consequences from the exposure to such low levels of mercury have been demonstrated.

The American Dental Association along with the Food and Drug Administration all agree that the mercury in these silver fillings is at safe levels; however, studies on this topic are continuing to verify this fact. So far, however, given the scientific information available considering the demonstrated benefits of dental amalgams, currently there appears to be no justification for the discontinuing of silver fillings containing mercury.

Some believe that the toxic substance, mercury, is responsible for causing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and multiple sclerosis. Again, the ADA and the FDA, along with numerous public health agencies say amalgams are safe and that any link between these mercury dental fillings and the above diseases is unfounded.

In 2006, the National Institutes of Health conducted several studies that were large-scale and concluded these silver fillings are indeed safe. This was reconfirmed again in 2009 by the FDA. In addition, there is no evidence that the small amount of mercury vapor from these fillings results in any adverse health effects.

A Doctor’s View on Amalgams

For almost 15 years, Dr. Steven Marsh has stopped using silver fillings. His main concern was for the possibility of exposure to his staff when mixing the silver and mercury. Believing the real danger is in the manufacturing and disposing of used capsules, Marsh doesn’t think they are a danger to one’s health, as long as they are intact. He feels the bigger risk is when the silver begins to break down which allows bacteria to enter the gaps and cause more tooth decay. However, others dispute this because silver is also an antimicrobial agent, meaning it has anti-bacterial properties.

There is a new replacement called composites. It is stated they look more natural and bond better, making the tooth stronger. The problem is they are much more expensive. The FDA has recommended that these silver fillings not be used in patients with an allergy to mercury and that dentists must have the proper ventilation when handling the material.

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