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The Low Down Dirty Investing Tip These “Sharks” Use To Make A Fortune

Here’s four names I want you to think about for a moment and see what comes to mind first… they have two things in common. Ready? Here are the names:

  • Carl Icahn
  • David Einhorn
  • Ray Dialio
  • Stanley Druckenmiller

What’s the first thing they have in common? If you guessed they are all billionaires congrats! You would be absolutely correct and let’s see if you can name the second thing they all have in common.

Take a second and see if you can figure it out…

OK, the other thing all these titans of investing have in common is one particular item they all swear by in their portfolios.

They Invest In Gold!

However, we’re not just talking a few coins here and there… or even a few bars. Now, Stanley Druckenmiller stockpiles as much as 20% of his portfolio with gold. Just to put this into raw numbers for you… Druckenmiller has $4.4 billion in wealth of which$880 million is in the form of gold!

Twenty percent! And if you’re not entirely familiar with Druckenmiller’s track record consider this for a moment… From 1986 to 2010 Druckenmiller averaged a 30% return on his client’s investments… which is to put it bluntly an insane level of performance.

Plus, Druckenmiller never had a losing year the entire time managed other people’s investments. The guy is a proven winner as are the other three billionaires mentioned here.

Timing Is Everything In Life… And Your Time Is Now!

And this is why we’re telling you about these guys… because they all think investing in gold is the best way forward. They think it’s not only a great value investment but one which could even grow your net worth significantly.

Here’s the most exciting part… as you’re reading this gold is at one of its lowest price points since 2007. And if you might recall… 2007 was right around the time of the great Housing Bubble crash.

At some point you must ask yourself… if gold is good enough for these investors isn’t it a good idea for you?

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