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The Capital Gold Group has published its internal think tank study, “Terrorism and Precious Metals” for global publication to institutional and accredited investors for immediate release. The study outlines “safe-haven” buying worldwide, in conjunction with events such as worldwide terrorist attacks, the (Brexit) European Union crisis, police violence and the U.S. Presidential election cycle.

Market volatility reveals a crisis brewing across civilization as we know it,” guarantees Jonathan Rose, CEO of Capital Gold Group Inc., noting that currency values in the UK have plummeted. “Our European correspondents have witnessed citizens in Spain and the UK in lines wrapping around the buildings to purchase gold and silver bars. Citizens are seeking an alternative currency.”

Millions of people are seeking protection from currency devaluation and stock market sell-offs in the wake of numerous terrorism outbreaks, the tumultuous Brexit vote, and “money-easing” policy from the Bank of Japan and Bank of England.  Mr. Rose insisted global supply and demand of Precious Metals also has to be factored in “We project over 1 billion additional smartphone units delivered toAsia, the Middle East, and India over the next four years which will put a major stress-test on precious metals supplies, in particular silver.”

Unfortunately, terrorism is the new normal as is market volatility. We are forecasting major consumer demand for silver globally, projected to be an additional 35-40 million ounces annually for smartphone electronics manufacturing for the next 5 years. Demand for industrial silver and safe haven gold buying will drive prices in this global environment of uncertainty. Silver usage for Solar panel manufacturing is projected to set a new record in 2016 according to the report. Solar-sector silver demand “could well exceed 2,600 tons according to Precious Metals analytic firm Metals Focus, and is expected to continue growth with China leading all countries in silver use.

About Capital Gold Group Inc.

Capital Gold Group Inc. is a global leader in GOLD IRA retirement accounts and physical delivery metals. CEO Jonathan Rose is an international registered financial consultant with a Series 3 commodity license. Mr. Rose has lectured in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and at the Financial Advisor Symposium in America on the benefits of Precious Metals for portfolio diversification.

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